The Mom Reno Pledge

The unwritten (ok, they’re written) rules of this blog:

  • I will not waste your time with boring content that holds no value.
    Readers lead lives that are just as busy as writers. I will never share that I did 50 sit ups followed by two rounds of mountain climbers – no one cares. I WILL tell you if I find workout underwear that did not ride up while I was doing them (and share the link). 🙂
  • I will not feature my kids as individuals. I know, a mom site without kid pics? Certainly experiences and products they enjoy, maybe health topics pertinent to their age, but no photos of my little peeps on this public site. They didn’t ask for mommy to write on an open platform. Take my word for it, they are adorable (in my very unbiased opinion – lol), but this site is for us, Mamas.
  • I never intend to be preach-y. At no point do I pretend to be an expert of any kind. I learn something every day and enjoy sharing it when I do. Please view me as your dry-humored, inquisitive friend that you trade tips with over caw-fee talk. I AM from New Jersey.
  • I don’t have a set posting schedule. Writing informative, curated posts take time, and often life gets in the way. I’m also slowly learning the WordPress and Instagram as I go (anyone tutor?). I don’t know why I was inspired to start this blog right before a major home renovation, but sometimes you feel called to do something and you just jump. So, temporary unpredictatability.
  • If I am ever sent PR samples or product, I will be totally transparent and give my very honest opinion. Readers never deserve to be duped. I won’t endorse anything I don’t believe in to make a dollar. I’m open to the option because it’s a great way to find amazing new products just hitting the market to recommend.
  • I am always interested in feedback and recommendations!