Get Busy, Do It…

“…Get up and move that BODY!”

– Technotronic
Planking woman with abs that don’t look like mine. Mine are better. (I jest!)

Oh, the header of this post. I’m in a silly mood – sorry, not sorry.

I don’t have to tell anyone reading that exercise helps reduce stress and naturally makes us feel proactive and productive. Endorphins are like natural pain and happy drugs. In fact, in a mood enhancement study conducted by researchers at the University of Vermont, the group that exercised reported “significantly lower mood disturbance” both immediately and up to 12 HOURS after exercising. It’s an upper. Maybe that’s why I’m pulling lame lyrics from the ’90s.

It’s also been proven time and time again that it’s at least 20 times harder to restart an exercise routine after stopping for any more than two days. This study was done by… me. (hee hee) I mean, I have done my due diligence!

Image by LouisBauer from Pixabay

My early morning routine consists of putting the kids on the bus, changing into workout gear, and performing a mental exercise akin to a hostage situation (“I’m serious, GET INTO THE CAR NOW!).

The more I go, the less exhausting the idea because I love how I feel when I’m there – and when it’s over. It’s like the Dorothy Parker quote about writing – “I hate writing, I love having written.” Right?

For the Love of Laundry

If you find that your wash is still not leaving your workout clothes smelling fresh, an awesome hack is to fill a sink with cold water and pour in a cup of distilled white vinegar. Let the clothes marinate for a few hours and then throw them in with your next load. Stinkiness gone. Truth. I’ve tried specially formulated “workout detergents” and this beats them all in both cost and efficacy.

What’s your favorite workout brand? I want to know! Drop me a line or leave it in the comments below. I’ve been liking the Zella High Waist Cropped Leggings from Nordstrom for their ability to smooth and flatten, and the affordable C9 Line from Champion at Target, which happens to be 20% off today (not sure for how long). I’m dying to check out Outdoor Voices next time I’m downtown since they have a store on Prince Street – they are a splurge but their two tone stuff is hi-tech and kind of amazing looking.

On a side note, is anyone else guilty of waiting to spend on wardrobe until they are at a size where they feel more like their old self? My options have dwindled to the point where I never feel like I have anything. I seem to be forgetting that getting dressed confidently breeds confidence. I guess I feel like investing in workout gear I love would at least drive the workout habit.

Literally, saving my sole(s)

I also have to share these sneakers for anyone suffering from foot pain, intermittent or chronic. Once upon a time, I was a beauty writer who clomped the whole of NYC in three inch heels. I murdered the balls of my feet. Paired with early signs of arthritis and aerobic stress on my heels (holy crap, I sound 80 years old), there are days when the inflammation would provide a stellar excuse to sit on my tush. Enter Orthofeet’s Coral Stretchable Athletic Sneaker – they are like walking on clouds. Sometimes I just wear them around the house because it hurts less than being barefoot. They’re pricey, but there is always a sale going on *full price is for suckers. They are bulkier-looking than my trendy sneakers, but they are a godsend on the bad days (then back to cute) and don’t make me look like I should live in a nursing home.

Sooo…. what is motivating you all to work out? What are you loving? Share your recommendations – moms are amazing resources and we all learn so much from each other every day!

(All opinions are totally my own… I started this blog three seconds ago… obvs nothing is sponsored) xoxo TheMomReno