Favorite Finds!

The amazing marble mosaic art installation by Ann Hamilton on the WTC-Cortlandt street subway platform –
I got off the train a stop early just to stare at it.

Just sifting through the superfluous and sleuthing out some smart stuff, so you don’t have to...

Favorite PodcastThe Classy Career Girl by Anna Runyan – This podcast, which complements the blog that Runyan started in 2010 to inspire greater career fulfillment, is an easy listen and always leaves me motivated and informed. This link will take you to a roundup of her best episodes, including “How to Find a Job You Won’t Hate” (#47) and “Daily Habits of Highly Successful People” (#66). Her site has won multiple accolades and reaches millions of women every week – she’s even been named in the past as one of Forbes Most Influential Career Sites. Whether you are a SAHM, a WAHM, a mom with a side hustle or a full time executive, there is value to be had. Greater career fulfillment – who doesn’t want that???

Fave Fashion Find – As a big fan of both brands, The Outdoor Voices x Madewell collaboration has me pretty excited. Their limited edition, contouring, color block collection just launched this week on both the Madewell site and the Outdoor Voices site (and in stores), and I’m sure it will sell out FAST, so hop to shop if you are interested. They’ve got flattering seams, sweat-wicking fabric, and perfect Spring color vibes. One note to designers from this slightly self-conscious consumer: I’d like a few more darker tushies on these bad boys. I strive to feel more confident in pastels, but right now I’m feeling more bad-ass with a darker backside (I snatched up the one navy/charcoal option on sight). That said, if you are looking for of-the-moment, happy Spring athletic gear, search no more. [I have requested permission to use a collection photo and will sub this image once granted- for now, click on the links to see it! I didn’t want you all to miss out.]

Fave Insta-InfluencerHitha Palepu with her On the Go – 5 Smart Reads recommendations. What can’t this woman do? She is a mom (of a preschooler and a newborn- I mean, NEWborn), a CEO of a pharmaceutical company, an active angel investor in companies, a luggage packing maven with a published book (How to Pack) and, you know, in her spare time, she likes to keep the rest of us informed of timely, important news. [You can’t see me, but I’m bowing to her right now.] I first learned of her thanks to Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman on the Bad on Paper podcast they recorded (thank you!), and I’ve been reading her links ever since. She highlights worthwhile articles that you may not have caught otherwise, rather than the usual, over-hashed stuff. Follow her daily posts on Instagram or SIGN UP for her weekly newsletter… You’re smarter already.

Fly-away hair, begone!

Fave Useful Item – Ok, we need to talk about the HairFeel finishing stick. (Don’t be a hater- this is not a “clean” product.) I bought one when I saw an ad (I bit), having ZERO expectations for it to hold up. It’s AMAZING and in my purse. It works on all the weird flyaway hairs above my part line and it works for my daughter’s plentiful face-framing flyaways, and it does it all without making us look like we should be trying out for a production of Grease. I used it to touch up my daughter in the recital dressing room yesterday, discussion ensued, and I’m pretty sure her dance instructor is ready to buy stock in the company. It claims to be “made of natural plant extract and contain(s) no harmful chemicals” on the package, but I don’t really subscribe – this is not one of my super-clean recommendations – it does have silica (but you’re not inhaling it), phenoxyethanol preservative (but it’s hair, not skin) and “essence” (what?), but frankly, the rest of the list isn’t bad and I was expecting a whole lot worse from a heavily marketed product made overseas. The site was having a 50% off sale the last time I checked, making it $12.99. If the ingredients turn you off, using a matte pomade product or lightweight gel applied with a clean spoolie brush might give you a similar effect.

Favorite Read: In October 2018, James Clear published an article on his website titled, “When the 80/20 Rule Fails: The Downside of Being Effective,” which explores the difference between efficiency (getting more things done) and effectiveness (getting the most important stuff done). I found my way back to it since his recently published NYT best-selling book, Atomic Habits (free download of Chapter 1 on his website, and a good price on Amazon right now), has been the audio book I’ve been listening to while running errands this week. The article explores the upsides and downsides of the 80/20 rule (that the “small number of things accounts for the majority of the results”) and how to best optimize your skills and opportunities moving forward. Efficiency and streamlining are some of my favorite topics to read about, probably because I desire to do a better job of them myself. As a mom with a penchant for perfectionism, I’m always trying to fit in “all the things” and at the best of my ability, and I’m sure a lot of other moms reading also operate in this vein. I don’t even have a problem saying “no” to other people when my schedule is too busy – but I DO have an issue with saying no to myself when get mired in the details of something that’s not of optimal importance. It’s a worthwhile read (or re-read).

Favorite LaughModernMomProbs on Instagram is making me giggle this week – feeling like we are all part of the same mama tribe. There’s been more than one post this week that’s made me shout an audible, “Yes! Ha, absolutely!” Her tag states she’s “celebrating parenting in the modern world, one meme at a time.” Looks like she might be based in NYC – maybe part of why I (and other Tri-state area moms might) love her.

All opinions are totally my own… I started this blog in April 2019 (so about three seconds ago) because I love to share… obvs nothing is sponsored – If you love what you read, share the link! Moms are all each other’s best resource. Till next time! xoxo TheMomReno