Trashing the Toxins! – Week 3

Week Three – May 16, 2019

Who’s ready to trash some toxins with me?

With an eye towards simple, sustainable swaps in our daily routine that will lead our family towards better health, this weekly post is an attempted “toe-dip” into smarter choices. Nothing radical – just some carefully considered substitutions that can be instituted gradually.

What’s the criteria for this series? Products need to be:

  • A better (healthier, cleaner, etc) version of a product I would ordinarily purchase. Ideally organic, but we’re going for improvements that will actually be embraced by the fam (I live in a household that still eats toaster pastries, so… baby steps).
  • A readily available item that can be easily found (either online or via multiple retail locations).
  • Sold at a “reasonable” price point. While some items might be considered upscale or boutique, I’m not trading in a $5 mascara for a $70 mascara… we are about to do an expensive home reno…
  • A realistic, unintimidating option. Nothing that will add exponential time and bother to any mom’s already nutso schedule.
Everyone 3-in-1 Lotion

Everyone 3-in-1 Lotion (in Coconut + Lemon) – If you regularly slather on body lotion upon stepping out of the shower, it makes sense to choose a non-toxic option – your skin is super absorbent and you’re covering a lot of it! Everyone Lotion costs about $10 for a huge 32 fluid ounce pump, so it doesn’t break the bank (at that price, you can share it with the whole family :-). It’s rare to find a product that’s economical, non-GMO verified, cruelty-free and also free of gluten, parabens, polysorbate and disodium EDTA. It does still have phenoxyethanol and dimethicone, but seriously, it’s a WHOLE lot cleaner than what our family was opting for before. It’s got a nice, lightweight finish, five star reviews on many sites, and there are a slew of other scents to choose from, including Lavender Aloe and Citrus Mint (there’s an unscented version too). You can find it in most supermarkets and mass market retailers, and for around $10 online at Thrive Market and (where you can get 20% off if you sign up for their newsletter and free shipping over $50). I’m excited to try more from the EO brand- there’s so many products on their site that I was unaware of!

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm – As I’m always on a search for new clean lip color favorites, I decided to see what the local drugstore had to offer. The answer was… not much. But they did thankfully carry Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm, which boasts being paraben, phthalate, petrolatum and sodium lauryl sulfate free. After a quick check on the Think Dirty App (a free, user-friendly app that will scan a barcode and score product ingredient concerns), I snatched up the Rose shade (even though I usually run from any lip color called Rose). It was just right – a super sheet hint of color without any weird sparkly bits that make me feel ridiculous for about $5. It kind of looks like I’m wearing nothing and my lips are just a moisturized, pretty, “bitten” color (instead of my natural, invisible nude). I’m trading in my longtime cult favorite (and any fears of petrolatum contamination from refining) for this shea butter and botanical wax blend. It’s available in six shades at many locations – if you don’t find it in your local pharmacy or Target, you can click on their website link for a nearby store locator.

Seventh Generation Free & Clean Unscented Liquid Hand Soap – I picked up this USDA Certified biobased hand soap because I generally trust the Seventh Generation brand, and because (in truth) it was the cheapest clean option on the supermarket shelf last time I shopped. This gentle cleanser is free of dyes, triclosan, phthalates and fragrance, and leaves your hands feeling fresh and not stripped of moisture for the bargain price of around $2.99 (that’s nominally more than the chemical-laden choices – a no-brainer)! It does contain sodium coco-sulfate, but that’s at least a little more natural than the more common sodium laureth-sulfate (SLS). In addition to the unscented pump, it’s also available in Mandarin Orange + Grapefruit, Lavender Flower + Mint, and Lemon + Tea Tree scents. (Those of you who know me well might be wondering how a self-diagnosed germophobe switches to a non-antibacterial soap – the answer is that I’m having the kids use an antibacterial with claims upon arriving home from school and then we switch to this option for the rest of the evening. I’d hose them down in a decontamination tent if they’d let me- LOL).

A vetted-by-my-son organic spread!

Crofter’s Organic Premium Spread in Strawberry – I’m feeling pretty smug and sneaky with this one, because my VERY picky 10-year old has not realized that I’m making his sandwiches with this spread instead of his usual jelly, and he notices everything. This brand popped up at my supermarket for $3.79 and I gave it a whirl since it’s made with organic strawberries (seemed like a smart decision) and has 33% less sugar than a preserve. It’s gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO project verified, and I like that the taste is still sweet but a bit truer to the actual fruit. I’ve also tried the Wild Blueberry flavor myself, stirred into some Fage Yogurt – YUM. Note: Since it’s organic, you have to use it within 20 days (a sign it might actually be something you should eat, not a drawback). They also offer an even healthier Just Fruit Spread Organic option for $4.50, which skips the organic cane sugar. Next round, let’s see if I can get away with THAT! (I invite you to laugh at my formica background – this is why we’re doing the home reno, people 🙂

Beware of BPA-laden glossy receipts

Did You Know This? I Didn’t! – Thanks to the blogger from Starts With Mom, it was brought to my attention via her Instagram account story on Tuesday that you should handle your cash register receipts as little as possible – Say What? Apparently it’s not new information, but it was new to me (that’s why we mamas gotta share)! Turns out that a lot of receipt paper still contains BPA or BPS (not any better) and if you use hand sanitizer before handling them, your fingers absorb even more of it. Reduce your exposure by going paperless when possible, touch the non-glossy back part (not the front) of receipts, and keep a separate envelope in your purse for them so they don’t rub around your wallet. Think it’s old news? The California legislature has even introduced a “skip the slip” bill that’s scheduled for a committee hearing literally as I write this.

(All products were chosen by me independently and all opinions are totally my own… I started this blog about three seconds ago… so obvs nothing is sponsored- I just love sharing great finds)

– Till next time! xoxo TheMomReno

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