A Friday Full of Progress

Turning on the Faucet

Credit: quotefancy.com

As I write this blog in my spare time while trying to intentionally parent and run a house that is about to enter total construction upheaval, I’m hoping that any readers will excuse the schizophrenic nature of my topic choices. The urge to write could no longer be ignored, and I promise you that I will find structure and streamline as I go. Writing feels a bit like a friend that I’m reconnecting with and haven’t felt whole without.

Working it Out

I made it to workout class every day this week, which is a big accomplishment for me! Yesterday would have been a great day for excuses – I needed to research the reliability of the kitchen appliances we are considering purchasing, grocery shop, and clean out the utility room for the pump that’s required for the new basement bathroom (zzzz… snore). But this accountability blog is keeping me motivated to push myself harder than usual. So thank you, mostly nonexistent readers! I actually made it to “leg day.” Instructor probably has no idea who I am – LOL.

Clean Beauty

Credit: Follain Clean Essentials Kit,Follain.com

I’ve become a little obsessed with the offerings at Follain, the clean beauty website and retail shopping haven. The next time I leave the ‘burbs for my big NYC haircut (old habits die hard), I am definitely going to swing by the West Village location. I love how they have taken the guesswork out of picking toxin-free beauty and I’d love to get matched for some optimal skincare choices. I’ve already ordered some RMS Beauty “Un” Powder off their website to finish off my makeup routine – I’ll report in – and I am lusting after so much more, which I will try after I either: a) rob a bank, or b) receive press samples someday – I’m dreaming big here!

Trying to maintain my pledge to swap used up, empty products for safer options, and I don’t have setting power right now, so that’s first up.

Carb addict seeking protein-rich breakfast suggestions…

I’m a carb girl. I was raised on carbs. I innately don’t love protein. Does anyone have any recommendations for protein-rich breakfast ideas that will still make me feel like I am cheating with carbs? LOL. That would be perfect. I’m going to start experimenting with some overnight oats breakfast bowls next week – the Peanut Butter Overnight Oatmeal from minimalistbaker.com looks like an easy recipe with a decent amount of protein. Also, wakeupandsmelltherosay on Instagram also has some super fabulous looking ones. Other suggestions? I am all ears!

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