Time for a reno…

credit: redbubble.com

For a while, it’s been time for a renovation. This blog is an accountability journal of sorts as we embark on both a home renovation but also as I begin a revamping of self. Because I’m tired of feeling like a former writer, it’s time to log in the time – to sit in the chair and write something, anything, even if it’s crap. Just for the practice of getting back into the practice. As a recovering perfectionist, it is difficult to put something out into the universe that’s not exact. As a mom who often gets lost in the lives of little children (what mom doesn’t?) and loses her own passions, interests, physique, etc., in the maelstrom, I’m looking for a comeback. And because I’m ready to finally tackle this beast of a home renovation, it will be good to document it – seeing anything fleshed out in print has always helped me to keep it feeling cohesive and complete. I really don’t know where to begin. I’ve read and researched all these topics to death for most of my adult life and yet the idea of starting something for myself seems completely overwhelming. This is all going to read as scatterbrained. But it’s comforting to hear the tapping of the keys underneath my fingers right now, so maybe in this moment, that’s enough. Time to publish already.

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